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This is the Weekend…

My tencel woven scarves will be at the Olive Hyde Holiday Show and Sale!

You will not believe all of the wonderful local artists that are participating this weekend!

An event not to be missed…



WovenDesigns will be participating…

Make your calenders for this wonderful event benefitting the arts in local schools.

WovenDesigns will be showing and selling our tencel scarves!

Interview on NerdWallet

Featured Artist: Amy of WovenDesigns

Post image for Featured Artist: Amy of WovenDesignsBY  ON OCTOBER 8, 2012

Thank you, Amy, for being our Featured Artist this week and sharing about your beautiful woven and knit accessories!

Tell us about your store and what inspired it.

WovenDesigns is a home based business specializing in woven & knitted accessories. I sell through my Etsy shop. All items in my shop are handmade by me in my studio. My shop sold woven scarves when it first opened. Since then I have evolved into offering woven bookmarks, knit hats, and knit scarves.

I learned how to weave at City College of San Francisco about 10 years ago. I love to be able to combine different fibers together to create a new and exciting textile that is one of a kind. It is so satisfying to plan every step in the process – from the planning on paper, to the measuring of the threads, to the threading of the heddles, to the weaving of the fibers, to the creation of the cloth.

I have knit off and on for years, but within the last few decided to start offering hats and scarves in my shop. I really enjoy knitting with yarn that is a combination of thick and thin. An interesting and different pattern and texture emerges with each skein used.

Read the rest of my interview on NerdWallet.


Eco-Friendly Tencel

A favorite fiber of WovenDesigns is tencel (Lyocell). 

Tencel is made from trees – actually from the cellulose inside trees. Eucalyptus trees are grown without irrigation or pesticides on special tree farms where the trees are constantly replanted. The cellulose is treated using non-toxic organic solvents that are recycled in the manufacturing process. This ecologically sound method of production is environmentally responsible.

Tencel has all of the characteristics of a luxury fiber: the comfort of cotton, the fluid drape of rayon, the strength of a synthetic, and the luster of silk.